TechnicPR Staff Application :D


New member
Apr 13, 2019
  1. Minecraft Username: TechnicPR
  2. First Name: Cameron
  3. Age: 17
  4. Playtime: 2+ years
  5. # of Forum Posts: This will be first one on the new one ( Loads on old )
  6. Experience: I have been staff on many different servers. On Banzai alone I have worked on many different aspect and gone through the ranks. I started off as a JrMod working all the way up to Admin, Head Admin, Console Admin and Developer. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the server and plugins it uses. I was liked by players and I feel like I would be a great addition to the staff team given the chance.
  7. Punishments? (If so, stated what you learned and why you won't do it again): No punishments :)
  8. Why do you want to become a staff member on Banzai-MC? (!): As someone who has been a banzai staff member before. I loved the interaction with the players and the fact that we can make a difference to someones experience and I would love to have that opportunity again as I believe that its a staff member that can really affect the players and its them that make the server what it is.
  9. How do you think you will benefit from being a staff member on Banzai-MC? (!): I believe I would be able to develop my skills with the game, communication, development skills, and overall knowledge of servers themself.
  10. What can you offer that other applicants may not be able to offer? (!): My experience and knowledge with not only Banzai, but as a full time server administrator for a company, my knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
  11. How will you handle players being toxic in chat? (!): Following the 3 step rule ( verbal Warning, /warn, Mute
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply.
P.S, I am looking for a role within the moderation team or in the development team :)