Staff Application?


New member
Mar 29, 2019
  1. xD4RKxST3V3
  2. Jacob
  3. 19
  4. 5d 10h 50m 5s
  5. 5
  6. I cant name every single experience I've ever had on this game but I have Run my own server, Co-Owner countless times, Admin a lot, Moderator, Helper, Builder etc.
  7. None
  8. I want to become a staff member because for the 5 days that I have been active and on I've seen nothing but inactive staff and players constantly breaking the rules and a TON of the female players are being harassed and being left upset and uncomfortable a large number of racist factions and names and just all around a terrible experience for kids who are trying to enjoy they're day.
  9. I think ill benefit from being a staff member because Im on 75% of the time im able to talk to people fluently and de escalate situations rather quickly im calm i take charge quickly and i know how to make the server better for the players and the staff
  10. Im able to offer more play time i have more experience i have knowledge of this and that and i dont use any exploits to my advantage no matter how big or small.
  11. Ill take the situation as it comes it depends on how horribly the player is reacting If it breaks the rules they get muted for a while if it continues to happen they get temp banned the third time is a permanent ban that the owners/co owners can discuss.
  12. I enjoy very much playing on this server and my only goal is to help it as much as I can.