PunyAdmin1 staff application


New member
Apr 7, 2019
  1. Minecraft Username: PunyAdmin1
  2. First Name: Sean
  3. Age: 15
  4. Playtime: 24|7
  5. # of Forum Posts: 0
  6. Experience: I never was staff on any server before this might be my first time.
  7. Punishments? (If so, stated what you learned and why you won't do it again): I've never been punished before
  8. Why do you want to become a staff member on Banzai-MC? (!): I want to be staff because I want to catch all the hackers and ban them I love helping the community.
  9. How do you think you will benefit from being a staff member on Banzai-MC? (!): I will help you by being respectful and I will find all the hackers.
  10. What can you offer that other applicants may not be able to offer? (!): I don't offer anything to anyone.
  11. How will you handle players being toxic in chat? (!): I will call an admin and give them a temp mute then give them a warning if they keep doing it I will call and admin to temp ban.